Hey lovelies! It’s time for a new review today, and let me tell ya, I’m pretty excited about it. Born of Night is a paranormal romance with assassins and space, which was a pretty fantastic combo if you ask me.

In the Ichidian Universe, The League and their ruthless assassins rule all. Expertly trained and highly valued, the League Assassins are the backbone of the government. But not even the League is immune to corruption . . .

Command Assassin Nykyrian Quikiades once turned his back on the League—and has been hunted by them ever since. Though many have tried, none can kill him or stop him from completing his current mission: to protect Kiara Zamir, a woman whose father’s political alliance has made her a target.

As her world becomes even deadlier, Kiara must entrust her life to the same kind of beast who once killed her mother and left her for dead. Old enemies and new threaten them both and the only way they can survive is to overcome their suspicions and learn to trust in the very ones who threaten them the most: each other.


To start off, I absolutely adored this book. When I bought it, I had found it in a fifty cent bin at a Half Priced Books clearance sale. After reading the back I was sold on the premise, but I really wasn’t sure what to expect, so I went in with relatively low expectations. Let me tell you though, I’ve never been happier with a hidden find than I was with this one.

I think my favorite part of this book was definitely the storyline and the dialogue. Nykyrian and his assassin friends had such great banter, and it added a really nice aspect to the story. I also really liked the world building in this story. Sherrilyn does such a great job making this whole universe easy to understand and vivid. I loved all of the different places they went to over the course of the story, and I had a great picture of what they looked like painted in my head.

Kiara is a dancer who is being hunted and chased by some mystery killer. Kiara is a really sweet character, but my main problem with this story stemmed from her. She was great, but at times I got frustrated with her because in certain situations, she just didn’t handle them very well. That part aside though, Kiara is a really fun character to read about. Nykyrian on the other hand is one of my favorites. He was super broody at first, but he really cared about Kiara and over the course of the book, he had some absolutely amazing character development. From the first page to the last, he changed into an entirely different person, taking all of the things he had locked up over the years and finally letting them out. Kiara and Nykyrian had such a great dynamic, which I loved loved loved. You know that feeling you get in your stomach when characters start to fall in love? Since I read books with a lot of romance, I have a solid amount of experience with love. Any time a book gives me that feeling I get so giddy, and it may be one of my most favorite things ever about reading.

Along with a killer romance, the assassins were a great addition. There were awesome fight scenes and great action parts which I thought was great. There was also a level of mystery as the plot went along, which helped keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Overall, this book was a diamond in the rough, and I’m so glad I picked it up.




Author: taylor

i really love ice cream, coffee + tea, and really good books. self proclaimed bibliophile who loves everything to do with reading, here's a little peek into my bookish adventures. ((favorite genres: young adult, new adult, fantasy, and basically anything with a touch of romance))

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