Sometimes, I think it’s easy to forget why we love certain things in our lives. Today, I want to share why I’m so passionate about books and stories, and also share when and how I started reading.

The story of my reading beginnings is pretty generic. There was no singular moment when I realized that books were something I needed, but when I look back on my childhood, some of my fondest memories contain reading. When I was still learning to actually comprehend the chapter books I was finally old enough to stumble through, I remember sitting with my mom or dad as they explained scenes that I didn’t understand in Junie B. Jones or Magic Tree House. Then flash forward a few years, I remember receiving the first four Harry Potter books for Christmas, and proceeding to tear through the first one, all on that one day. Without these tales of woe, I would have missed out on so many adventures. Through reading I got to be a wizard, or a princess, or even a heroine if the mood struck me that day. The ability to travel simply by reading words printed on a page was always something I adored, and my favorite part of the school day was always the time teachers gave for silent reading. Now if you flash forward to middle school years later, some things changed in my life. Maybe I was just weird, but when I was in middle school, I felt like I had to “define myself.” Since I was at a school with some people I had never met before, I felt like I could be whoever I wanted to be, so slowly and without even realizing it, I started to loosen up my close ties to reading, and before long, it turned into something that I only did every once in a while, whenever I was bored, or felt like it. I entered high school, and my life got even crazier, sporting events, homework, you name it, I probably had it on my schedule. Then, one icy cold winter break during my sophomore year rolled around. I had spent all day feeling restless and bored, so I strolled over to my bookshelf and picked up one of my old favorites, which I proceeded to plow through. Afterwards I still had this hunger to keep going, so I picked up another, and read that, and I finally felt that old familiar spark that used to make me feel like I was on top of the world. That lovely, wonderful spark turned into a full fledged flame, and now, I’m so passionate about books that I decided I wanted to meet other people who love books, which is why this little blog was created. So now that a novel has been written, and by the way, if you’re still reading this, you’re my hero, I’m going to give a list of five reasons why reading is the most spectacular and beautiful thing anyone could ever do.

1. Reading allows you to go on adventures for free! You pick one up and you can go anywhere, wether it’s real of fictional. Who doesn’t love a good adventure?

2. Books open your eyes up to things you never would see. There are so many wonderful topics books can cover, and at least for me personally, some I never would have explored, or even known about, without books.

3. Books are instant mood boosters! If you tell me that there is not at least one book that you loved, loved enough to actually let it put you in a good mood, then I would say that your lying.

4. Life is short, you should spend some of it falling in love with stories and fairy tales, and things that may not necessarily be realistic, but wonderful all the same.

5. And lastly, books offer so many opportunity for friendship. I believe that books have the power to unite people, no matter how different.

So that’s all I have for you today! I’m sorry this was long and rambly, but I just had the urge to talk about why I love books and reading. Thank you so much for reading, have a lovely day!



Author: taylor

i really love ice cream, coffee + tea, and really good books. self proclaimed bibliophile who loves everything to do with reading, here's a little peek into my bookish adventures. ((favorite genres: young adult, new adult, fantasy, and basically anything with a touch of romance))

2 thoughts on “WHY READING?”

  1. What a touching story! And I absolutely love the reasons you provide at the end. What’s funny is I honestly don’t know how I got into reading because when I was younger I didn’t love it as much as I do now. I think sometime in middle school, I must’ve read a book I loved and continued from there ever since. I absolutely love this post! It is truly spot on. 🙂

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