Hello All!

So today I want to share some of my bookish resolutions, and discuss some ways I plan on completing them. I’m so excited to start this new year, and these first eighteen days have been great! Without further ado, let’s get going!

1. Okay, so my first goal is to read 150 books. This goal is tentative because I will be leaving for college in August, but hopefully I will be able to do this. So far I have been having a great reading month, and I have read 19 books! I’m not sure how, but I’m pretty proud of myself!

2. Next, I want to reduce my book buying. I have a really bad habit of purchasing WAYYYY too many books at once. I want to try and average 3-5 books a month. So far, I’ve been doing okay, but I’ve gone a few over. Whoops!

3. Number three pertains to this lovely little blog of mine. My goal is to post at least once a week! As of right now, my track record isn’t great, but I really want to give this all the attention it deserves, and I think I can!

4. So one day, I was browsing through Pinterest, and I found this awesome bookish challenge. There are 50 little “challenges” and you have the whole year to complete it. Here is the challenge list if you’re interested in joining me!


5. And lastly, I want to complete all of the books on my tbr shelf. I currently have way too many (like 90 too many) and I really want to resolve the situation ASAP. Basically, I have no self control, and that’s why I have to restrict all of the buying of the books.

So there’s that! Lemme know what your plans are, I’m dying to know! I hope everyone has a lovely week, and I will see you really soon! I actually mean it this time! 🙂



Author: taylor

i really love ice cream, coffee + tea, and really good books. self proclaimed bibliophile who loves everything to do with reading, here's a little peek into my bookish adventures. ((favorite genres: young adult, new adult, fantasy, and basically anything with a touch of romance))

3 thoughts on “2015 BOOKISH RESOLUTIONS”

  1. OMG I saw the same pin on Pinterest! I was thinking of doing it as well, it looks like a ton of fun. Best of luck with your bookish resolutions, I know you can do it! I personally am trying to read more books and blog more often, we’ll see how that goes. And on a slightly random note, I LOVE your blog! It is so pretty!

    1. I plan on posting about the books I’m planning on reading really soon, but I’m so excited to try it, there are so many little challenges that are sort of out of my comfort zone! I’m also trying to read more, and post more, maybe we can be motivators for each other! Thank you so much, that really means a lot, I’ve been working really hard on it recently!

      1. Definitely! I would love to have someone help motivate me through the challenge and to accomplish our bookish resolutions. And no problem! The effort is evident in the beauty and awesomeness of your blog. 🙂

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